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The Power of Creativity


The Power of Creativity

We know that you are working hard to overcome the profound impact of the COVID-19 disease. We are likewise forced to do business under very difficult circumstances.

Numerous activities have been initiated around the world at Roland DG Group to support our customers during this challenging situation. Each employee is tasked with asking, “What I can do now?” and is proactively working on discovering and applying answers utilizing their individual talents and expertise. Our activities vary from region to region, and while we may not currently be able to respond 100% to the request of each customer, we think those activities that come from imagination and embody “Creativity” represent the mission we have inherited and cherished for 40 years since our foundation.

On this web page, we have featured the worldwide activities of the Roland DG Group, our partners and users. We will be deeply gratified if you find information that helps you to recover quickly and perhaps even thrive under this situation.

The power of a single “Creative” idea may be small but, when added to others from around the world, is capable of unlocking immense power with infinite possibilities which will surely lead to the hope and courage to smile tomorrow.

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