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06/02/2020 Roland DG Corporation

Masahiro TakasugiR&D

Masahiro Takasugi<span>R&D</span>

It’s a good time to look back on myself. Why don't you take a look at the good and bad points of yourself, referring to the famous teachings of the TAKARAZUKA REVUE?

1. No smile
2. Don’t say thank you
3. Don’t say delicious
4. Eyes are not shining
5. Don't have energy
6. Mouth is always V-shaped
7. Unconfident
8. No hope or belief
9. Don't know that I am ugly
10. Talk in a small and bullied voice
11. Believe that I am the most correct
12. Grouser
13. Envy others
14. Good at scapegoating
15. Place the blame on others
16. Feel jealousy to others
17. Prioritize myself
18. Don’t believe in others
19. Arrogant without humility
20. Don’t listen to advice
21. Easy to get hurt over nothing
22. Think pessimistically
23. Don’t have an awareness of the issue
24. Existence itself darkens the surroundings
25. Not motivated in life or work

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